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25 June 2011 @ 07:42 am
Because Love Is Not Always With Flowers  

Author: [info]nooncha  / Icha
Title: Because Love Is Not Always With Flowers
Pairing/Characters: Yunjae, Yoosu, Changmin
Rating: PG13 - NC17
Form: Oneshot (6231 words)
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Summary: The bittersweet life of Jung Yunho and his spouse, Jung-Kim Jaejoong

A/N: written for  [info]jaeho_complex  's Fanfiction Contest for Yunjae's 4th Anniversary celebration with anniversary as the chosen prompt :) you can check out the other entries here. Thanks [info]rennonyanyan  for beta-ing this fic, love ya! :D *huggles* ♥


“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t leave you alone. I really, really am sorry.”

That man in front of her can just stand still with teardrops fall, wetted all over his face. Now that he knew the reality, he couldn’t hold back it again, the tears couldn’t stop falling to his cheeks. He got a deep wound on his chest, he couldn’t even breath normally. 

“I know that you must have been felt lonely. You must have been felt abandoned after this long time. Please, forgive me.” She said while hugging the man in front of her tightly. She also was in the same form with him. Her tears fell softly on her cheeks.

“But, you must know that you never been alone. Eomma, your appa, your haraboji, and your hyung will always stand by you. We’ll always here to accompany your journey, son.”

That man still couldn’t stop his tears. Now he knew that the spirits who were always bother his life is his little family. His little family who died on an car accident when he still a four years old boy, an accident which happened when that little family went to go on picnic for the first time with their very first car. His little family who have been accompany him so he never feel lonely and never think to end his life which is have no aim for him.

The mother broke her hug around his last son who has grown up into a handsome young man, and then she looked onto her son’s eyes while smiling so warm. “Eomma thought that the girl is a nice one. Did she like the kimbap eomma made for her?”

The son smiled and nodded. “Yes, she loved it, Eomma. She said eomma’s kimbap is the most delicious and healthy kimbap she ever ate.”

The mother, once again, hugged her baby son tightly. “Thank you, son. Thank you for growing up well. Thank you for knowing your eomma, appa, haraboji and hyung. Thank you so much.”

Jaejoong turned off the DVD and took some tissues on the table beside the couch. Then he wiped it over his nose. His eyes and nose were reddened. There are few visible wet areas on his cheeks which also looks reddened.

“Heu~ it’s so sad. Cha Taehyun-sshi is very expert on sad scene. He even could make cry to see his tears.”

Jaejoong wiped his cheeks with the tissues when his tears dropped once again... “Yunho-yah~ you said that it’s a comedy! This movie has sad drama in the end for God sake.”


“Hey! Yunho-yah~”


Jaejoong peeked to see Yunho’s face which is hidden between his neck and left shoulder. And yes, his guess was right. His spouse always fell asleep when they watched movies together along the Friday night. 

“Aigoo~ he’s always being such a spoilsport.” Jaejoong sighed but then smiled very soon.
He leaned and kissed his spouse’s locks and whispered to his left ear. “Baby~ Get up. Your neck surely will get sore if you keep sleeping on my shoulder.”

Yet still no signs of Yunho to get up. He even leaned closer to Jaejoong and circled his right arm around Jaejoong’s left. The responses made Jaejoong smile wider. He then intertwined his fingers with Yunho’s, brought Yunho’s hand close to his lips, and kissed them softly.

“Chubby hubby, get up NOW!”

“GOD! Jae~ did you have to scream so loud to me? Just whisper is enough.” Yunho irritatedly opened his eyes and pouted cutely.

Jaejoong laughed. It’s so fun to tease Yunho like that and made Yunho pouted. “Aww~ why are you pouting like that? It’s not really handsome, baby~”

Yunho just pouted more and more, first because of Jaejoong’s loud scream (it’s not that Yunho dislike it, but he thought Jaejoong should keep his loud scream on the other occasion), and just then Jaejoong called his pout is not handsome.

“But I think it’s cute and sexy.”

Yunho chuckled. “My pout is sexy?” Yunho leaned closer to Jaejoong. “Are you tempted, baby?”
“Was that pout supposed to tempt me?”

Yunho smirked then whispered to Jaejoong’s ear huskily. “Guess you’re tempted then~”

“You wish!” Jaejoong got up from the couch and ran away to their room while laughing crazily. Even he ran, his body still facing Yunho on the couch as if waiting for Yunho to come to get him.

“Hey!” Yunho ran after him just like Jaejoong’s wish. His eyes became wider when he saw Jaejoong stumbled with the end of carpet. Fortunately he managed to catch Jaejoong before Jaejoong’s butt met the cold floor.

“My clumsy baby! Don’t run backward like that~” Yunho poked Jaejoong’s nose with his index finger.

Jaejoong giggled then gave pecks on both of Yunho’s cheek. “Thank you baby~ you will always be my guardian prince.”

Yunho smiled and ruffled Jaejoong’s hair playfully. He gently grabbed his spouse’s neck and gave him a sweet soft kiss upon his lips. Jaejoong lost his breath for some seconds and got his breath again after Yunho stopped the kiss. It was too sweet and gentle that he could feel butterflies fly madly in his stomach.

“Why do you turn red like that, Joongie? It’s not like you’ve never been kissed by me.” Yunho chuckled and again gave a peck on Jaejoong’s slightly-parted lips.

“Could you turn down the romantic of yours a bit?”


“It’s ... It’s just, I feel like thousands butterflies entered my stomach and flied crazily inside, Yunho-yah.”

Yunho kissed Jaejoong’s forehead. “Aigoo~ why so cute, baby? Come on, let’s sleep, I’m sure your eyes hurt for too much movies this whole night.” He put his hand behind Jaejoong’s neck and under Jaejoong’s kness then lifted Jaejoong on his arms.

“Let’s make babyyyyyyy, my baby~” Yunho said cheerfully along the stairway to their room.

“Yah! You said yourself that I need sleep because my eyes was hurt for too much watching movies~”

“It’s your eyes that tired. Your body isn’t~” Yunho grinned toothily.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“Hey, baby. What are you doing?” Jaejoong circled his arms around Yunho’s shoulders, leaned down to kiss his husband’s right cheek and put his head beside Yunho’s.

Yunho faced Jaejoong and gave a quick peck on Jaejoong’s lips then turned around to his computer. “I’m playing angry birds.”

“You still haven’t finished it yet, baby?” Jaejoong’s eyes widen to know that.

“It’s not an easy game~” Yunho clicked the left button of his mouse to move the bird on the screen and poor Yunho, the bird can’t even touched any of pigs in front of it.

“Gave me the mouse~” Jaejoong took the mouse from Yunho’s grasp. He clicked the left button of it and released it after he made sure the angle is perfect. And of course the bird touched almost all the pigs in front of it.

Yunho’s eyes widen and his mouth opened wide, shocked to see how pro his beloved is on this game. “Whoa~ Baby, how can you do that?”

Jaejoong smirked. “It’s an easy game, hubby. How can’t you play it?” He pinched Yunho’s cheek playfully and walked away from him.

“Baby, where do you go?”

“Continue my work. Why?”

“Do you want to go dinner with me later?”

Jaejoong frowned while touched his chin, thinking what he should say to answer Yunho’s invitation.

“How’s it?”

Jaejoong smiled a little and nodded to answer that. He turned around and ran to their room.
“Thank youuuu~ Joongie baby~” Yunho grinned and said it in louder voice.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Jaejoong giggled happily, remembering his dinner with Yunho last night. They ended up having their dinner at a Sindandong ‘Ddeokbokki Town’. Although Yunho didn’t take him to five-star restaurant like Hong Seokchun’s, but still Jaejoong can feel romantic auras around Yunho and him. Let alone the wonderful love-making that Yunho gave him after they reached home. Jaejoong just can’t get those memories out of his pretty head.

Jaejoong can feel hot on his face and body. That feeling made him sure enough that his face reddened by now.

“Aigoo~ what was I thinking of?”

He shook his head and began to work in front of his notebook. He worked to write the scenario for Changmin’s—his brother in law—upcoming movie. This was the third time Changmin trusted him to write the scenario for his movie. Changmin was his friend when they were still in college, and their friendship still tied until now, even closer. Moreover, Changmin is his spouse’s little brother, so yeah, now Changmin is also his brother in law.

Changmin’s upcoming movie will have romantic comedy as its genre. When Jaejoong was being told by Changmin about the genre, he agreed to write the scenario as soon as possible, that was his favorite genre after all. And thanks to Yunho for being a romantic sap every day, Jaejoong’s works seemed so easy to be finished. 

“Hmm~ where’s the folder?”

Jaejoong searched the folder where he saved his works before. He searched in ‘My Documents’ but the folder was not there. He then searched in D:, that folder also was not there. He began to panic.

“Oh God~ where I saved those files?”

He got up from his seat and searched for his external hard disk inside the black bag which was hung behind the room’s door.


Jaejoong jumped back on his seat and plugged the external hard disk onto his notebook. He then immediately opened the hard disk’s folder and he found a lot of folders with strange names there. He checked the hard disk’s properties. It showed that Jaejoong had used almost all of its memories, yet he sure that he had used only half of its memories. 

“God~ did my files hidden by virus? They were hidden by virus, weren’t … oh God! The project was also … My God! What should I do?”

He felt sting on his eyes. There are few tears flooded in the end of his eyes. He felt like crying then. He buried his fingers on his hair and cried.

“Baby~ can you tell me how to … Jae, what happened?”

Yunho ran a little to his love and brought him to his arms. “Hey~ why crying, love?” He turned Jaejoong to face him and kissed both of his eyes.

“My works are all gone, Yunho yah~”

Yunho’s eyes widened. “Ei? How come?”

Jaejoong shook his head weakly. “I don’t know, baby. When I opened the hard disk just then, I only found lot of folders with scary names. I didn’t find any of my folders.”

“Let me see it. Get up first, baby~” Yunho pulled his arms off Jaejoong and asked him to stand. After he sat down, he brought Jaejoong to sit on his lap.

Yunho opened the hard disk’s folder. “Omo, baby~ did you browse porn yesterday? Aww!”
Jaejoong slapped Yunho’s arm. “I’m not a pervert like your brother!”

Yunho laughed. “It’s not that, baby. But your hard disk is flooded by virus. Who knows you entered some naughty web yesterday. Random naughty web usually have virus.”


Yunho narrowed his eyes. “Aish, so it’s true~”

“Yunhooo~” Jaejoong slapped Yunho’s arm again.

“Don’t be shy, baby. Now I know where you learned such wonderful acts last night to please me.”
“Yunhoooooo! Just fix my hard disk now! Don’t tease me like that!” Jaejoong glared at Yunho. His heavenly blush made Yunho laugh even more.

“Okay … okay~ I’ll fix it.”

Yunho began to fix it like he said. He opened the ‘run’ and typed some unfamiliar characters (especially to Jaejoong) on the black dialogue box. Yunho pressed enter and an empty bar below the word ‘processing’ popped out from nowhere. After fifteen minutes, the empty bar was full with green line.

“Now, let’s scan you hard disk.”

Jaejoong’s eyes fix on the screen in front of him, watching every step Yunho did.

“Done!” Yunho said cheerfully. “Now, try to re-open your hard disk.”

Jaejoong grabbed the mouse and double-clicked on his hard disk’s folder. And voila~ it worked. He jumped in excitement and hugged his husband tightly.

“Aww~ Yunho baby~ thank you sssoooo much~” Jaejoong cupped Yunho’s cheeks and showered his face with kisses.

“Thank you.” A kiss on Yunho’s forehead. “Thank you.” A kiss on the nose. “Thank. You.” Kisses on both cheeks. “Thank you so much, baby~” and a long one right upon the lips.

Yunho laughed at his cute spouse. “You’re welcome, baby.” He replied the kiss on Jaejoong’s lips.

“How did you know the way to fix that?” Jaejoong’s arms moved around Yunho’s neck.

“Don’t need to know, darling. I just learned that for you~”

“Omo! Thank youuuuu~ how can I live without you, Yunho-yaaah~” Jaejoong gave a peck on Yunho’s lips once again.

“Hmm~ baby, I wanna ask you something~”

“About what?”

Yunho put his phone out of his pants and gave it to Jaejoong. “Do you know how to change the wallpaper, baby? Why is it so difficult?”

Jaejoong looked at Yunho in disbelief. His husband also looked at him blankly then said softly. “Really~ it’s difficult.”

Jaejoong sighed and turned his face to Yunho’s phone. “Aigoo~ my love~”

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“Baby~ Are you sure you don’t want to come with me?” Jaejoong asked while put the omelets on two plates, one for him, and one for his beloved.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’ve deal on this project. It’s a shame if I’m going to go in furlough.” Yunho looked at Jaejoong’s back.

Jaejoong came to the table and took a seat after he put the plates on the table. He grabbed a fork, sliced his omelet and ate it. Yunho did the same things. They ate in silence. No one dared to speak his mind.

After they finished their breakfast, Jaejoong brought their plates onto the sink and washed them. “It’d be nice if you come too~” he mumbled but his voice was loud enough for Yunho to hear.

Yunho sighed and walked to his spouse. He hugged Jaejoong from behind and put his face on Jaejoong’s shoulder. “Are you angry, baby?”

Jaejoong sighed.

“I’m sorry. I’ve to finish this project soon, baby. Remember that you want me to be professional?” Yunho tightened his hug around the smaller man.

Jaejoong turned off the water and turned around to face his husband. He tidied Yunho’s tie up; still no words came out of his mouth.

Yunho’s hands still remain on Jaejoong’s waist. He looked at his Jaejoong face. His beloved was pouting cutely. He chuckled slightly and cupped Jaejoong’s cheeks. He kissed the cute pout away. “I’ll miss you~ forgive me?”

Jaejoong nodded and hugged his husband’s neck. “Love you~” he whispered.

“Love you too~” Yunho smiled. “Now let’s go, you’ve to catch the train, baby.”

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Jaejoong woke up and came out of train after a middle-aged woman woke him up. He cursed for falling asleep when he’s alone on the train. And now, here he is. In the desolate railway station, alone, no map, no Yunho, no someone to asked. Again, his name is Jung-Kim Jaejoong, so in this situation, of course this beautiful man began to panic.

He took out his cellphone from his black bag. And immediately make a phone call to his spouse.

“Hey, love~ I’m on the meeting here, babe.” he heard Yunho whispered on the other line.

“Baby, I’m lost~ I don’t know where to go. I fell asleep on the train. And when I woke up and came out of the train. I was in here, in a damn desolate station. I don’t know where the hell I am, Yunho-yah. I’m scared. Who knows someone or …”

“Hey, hey, baby. Don’t go panic like that. Wait a minute.”

Jaejoong could hear Yunho’s voice. The husband of him was asking permission to go out for some time.

“Now, baby. Go in to the station and search for a seat. Sit and calm down yourself first.”
Jaejoong followed Yunho’s instruction. He entered the station and sit on the chair beside a minimarket. He breathed in and out while closing his eyes. After he felt calmer, he spoke up again.

“I’m okay now, Yunho yah~”

Jaejoong could hear Yunho’s sighing relieved after that.

“Good. Where exactly are you now, darling?”

Jaejoong searched for any information he could get in the station. He looked at one of boards and said, “I’m in Gaehwa station.”


Jaejoong nodded though Yunho couldn’t see him, but he knew that Yunho knew.

“Wait a minute, baby. Now I’ll search for the map, and soon after I find it, I’ll send it to you.”

“Okay. Thank you, honey~” Jaejoong hung up the phone and entered the minimarket to buy a bottle of water.

Jaejoong’s phone vibrated, one MMS from his Yunho. He opened the messages and found a map with Yunho’s hand-writing on it. He smiled and sent a text to Yunho.

From: Jung-Kim Jaejoongie
To: Prince of mine ♥
Baby~ thank youuuuuuu *kisses* I’m sorry for disturbing your work >.<

From: Jaejoong’s prince
To: Other half ♥
It’s okay baby. Anything for you :) Be careful, okay? Don’t go panic like that again, I’m worried here. Love you, my love. Muaaaacchh.

From: Jung-Kim Jaejoongie
To: Prince of mine ♥
Love you too, baby *kisses* *kisses* *kisses* >3<

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“Hyung~, what did take you so long to get here?”

Jaejoong took of his jacket and put it on the couch. “I was lost, Su.”

Junsu hugged his older brother and brought him to sit on the couch. “God, hyung~, It isn’t the first time you come to my house.”

“It’s the first time for me to go here without Yunho.”

“Aigoo~, you sure can’t live without your hubby. Did you have eat, hyung?”

Jaejoong nodded and leaned back to the couch. “Where’s Yoochun and Inhwan, Su?”

“They’re in Inhwan’s room. Go take a look, Inhwan miss you.” Junsu smiled and walked Jaejoong to Inhwan’s room.

“Inhwan-ah~” Jaejoong greeted the little boy on the bed with his father.

The said little boy jumped and left his father alone on the bed. “Jaejoong appa!”

“Aish, hyung~, I just got time to play with him.” Yoochun whined while burying his face on a pillow.

Jaejoong laughed and carried Inhwan in his arms. “I’m terribly sorry, Yoochun-ah.”

“Appa~, where’s Yunho appa? I miss him~” Inhwan hugged Jaejoong’s neck and kissed the man’s cheek.

Jaejoong sat on the bed and put Inhwan on his lap. “He is working, darling.”

Inhwan pouted. “Why? Doesn’t he miss me too?” 

“Hyung, I wanna buy something to eat. It’s time to lunch. Come on, Yoochun ah.” Junsu said and asked his husband to accompany him.

“Ei? Why don’t you cook?”

Junsu shook his head. “Nope, I don’t like cooking activity.”

Jaejoong sighed. Junsu and Yoochun laughed and walked away from Inhwan’s room. “I leave Inhwan with you, hyungie~”

“Darling, do you want to call Yunho appa?”

Inhwan nodded slightly and grinned. “Yes, I miss him~”

“Wait a moment.” Jaejoong tapped ‘1’ on his phone and waited until Yunho’s face popped up on the screen. His husband smiled handsomely.

“Hey baby. Have you got to Su’s house yet?”

Jaejoong nodded. “Yep, thanks to you. There’s someone who missed you badly here, baby.”

“Who? You?”

Jaejoong chuckled. “Ah~ there are two persons then.”

“Yunho appaaaaaa!” Inhwan screamed and waved to Yunho on the screen.

Yunho smiled widely. “Hi Inhwan ah~, how are you darling?”

“I’m fine appa~. Why don’t appa come here with Jaejoong appa? Don’t appa miss me?” The little boy pouted.

“Of course I miss you. Don’t be mad at appa, darling~” Yunho joined him to pout cutely, that made Jaejoong giggle.


“Forgive appa?”

Inhwan nodded weakly. “Just make sure appa come with Jaejoong appa next time~”

“Appa promise you!” Yunho grinned.

“Baby, have you done your works?” Jaejoong asked while stroking Inhwan’s hair softly.

“Not yet, baby. I’ve to stay until night for today.”

“My poor husband. Don’t forget to eat okay, baby? I don’t want you to get sick.” 

Yunho smiled. “Roger that! I’ll pick you up on Friday.”

Jaejoong nodded. “Okay, I’ll wait~”

“Bye, Inhwan darling~ Appa promise to buy you the toy cars this Friday.”

“Really appa?” Inhwan asked and jumped in excitement. Yunho answered by nodding and smiling so warm.

“Yeeaa! I love you, Yunho appa~.”

“Love you too, darling. Jaejoong-ah, my break will over soon, I’ll hang up, okay?”

Jaejoong smiled and nodded. “Work well, baby. Don’t tired yourself. Love you~”

“Love you too, baby~. Bye~,” Yunho waved to his love and Inhwan.

Jaejoong held Inhwan’s hand and waved together to Yunho and gave the man a kiss bye.

(Part 2)

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